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Love Your Phone But Your Neck Hurts?

Bent necks can cause Tech/Text Neck - a painful neck injury. Use a Tekneksavr - it attaches to your phone so you can improve your neck posture. It can even help you avoid gripping your phone - have you heard of Text Claw and Cellphone Pinkie?

LA Times calls it a fitness device you will want!

Designed & Manufactured in US and overseas
A Simple Solution to a High-Tech Problem

All good inventions solve a problem. Text Neck is a huge health problem. Medical professionals recommend holding your phone at "eye level". This is not practical, looks goofy, and can stress the shoulders.

The tekneksavr was developed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 25 years of consulting and educating experience. Instead of asking phone users to limit their phone use, she developed an "engineering" control. Your tekneksavr fits in pockets and car holders.

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A heads-up on "text neck"
We spend more time on screens than we do sleeping

As we hunch over our phones with our necks bent, the weight of our heads increases from approx. 8lbs to 60 lbs. Our necks are not designed for that!

Can You Get "Text Neck"?
Can Your Kid?

Not only do kids spend a lot of time on the phone with poor body posture, they are starting mobile device use at an earlier age.

Use a Tekneksavr! The LA times listed it as one of 19 high tech fitness devices - and you'll want them all". It is a device that attaches to your phone to improve  your posture when using your phone.



Millenials: 94% own a smartphone, 13% are on their smartphone 12 hours a day.

Gen Xers: 92% own a smartphone and use their smartphone 21 hours a week.

Gen Zers: 45% use their smartphone “almost constantly” The rest use their smartphone at least 6 hours per day. Kids under 8 look at mobile phones for an average of 48 minutes per day.

For every inch forward you head moves from "neutral", your head weight increases 100%.

1 in 5 individuals are experiencing neck pain right now, with 54% of people having had neck pain in the last 6 months.

5% of neck pain sufferers will become disabled.

Yet only only 21% of young adults know about “text neck”.

Kevin Tolbert

"I love it!"

Annie J.

"Smart but simple. Good concept."

Dr. G. Orsinger

"I love the simplicity of it."


"It is very usable"

B. Kamani

"It is a real problem nowadays. I would definitely use this. It is very needed."


"Oh, how clever!"

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